Wednesday September 7th
Session 1
Jeroen van den Brink
08:30 Registration
08:50 Opening
09:00 Dmitri Basov
  Matter and Light Polaritons in Correlated Quantum Materials
09:30 Katalin Kamaras
  Near-field infrared microscopy on carbon nanostructures
10:00 Jan Zaanen
  Quantum supreme matter and the strange metals
10:30 Break
Session 2
Christophe Berthod
11:00 Martin Dressel
  Flawed Drude Behavior
11:30 Ana Akrap
  Landau level spectroscopy: a window into topological semimetals
12:00 Antoine Georges
  Theory of Optical Spectra of Materials with Strong Correlations: A Tribute to Dirk
12:30 Lunch
Session 3
Fabian von Rohr
14:00 Andrea Caviglia
  Controlling interfaces of quantum materials with light
14:30 Frank Marsiglio
(by Zoom)
  The Eliashberg Theory of Superconductivity: a reflective critique
15:00 John Mydosh
(by Zoom)
  Persistent Mystery of Hidden Order in URu2Si2: An Optical Conductivity View
15:30 Break
Session 4
Felix Baumberger
16:00 Anthony Leggett
(by Zoom)
  The Coulomb interaction in "exotic" superconductors
16:30 Michael Norman
(by Zoom)
  Transverse Optic Mode Pairing for KTaO3
17:00 Zhi-Xun Shen
(by Zoom)
  Recent results and reflections on the cuprate phase diagram
17:30 Poster session