Friday September 9th
Session 9
09:00 Fabrizio Carbone
  Coherent manipulation of a handful of spins with light pulses
09:30 Joachim Deisenhofer
  Vacuum-Rabi Oscillations in the polar honeycomb antiferromagnets Fe2Mo3O8 and Co2Mo3O8 probed by THz-time domain spectroscopy
10:00 Daniel Khomskii
  Electric activity of different magnetic textures
10:30 Break
Session 10
11:00 Paul van Loosdrecht
  Inducing a quantum spin liquid state in the approximate Kitaev material α-RuCl3
11:30 Markus Gruninger
  Bond-directional magnetic excitations in Kitaev materials studied by RIXS
12:00 Laura H Greene
  Correlated Matter and Dark
12:30 Closing
12:40 Lunch
15:00 Guided visit to the 
17:00 Patek Philippe Museum